The Weather Gage and other meaningful events of the weekend

Ahoy there maties, and a hearty ARGH to you.  Well this was another wonderful weekend afloat with the good ship Rhapsody.  I arrived at the marina somewhere around 2100 Friday night.  After stowing the weekend’s provisions I happened upon the MV Anejo’ for a visit with the long absent Captain Benjamin Faught of the S/V Apogee.  Benjamin has been away for several weeks and it was good to see him.  Also aboard that Cub Infested vessel were Captain Tom (Chicago) Schlegle and Ms Rhoda (recent past manager of Applegate Cove Marina)!  It was a joyful evening with great company.

In celebration of Captain Faught’s long awaited return (not really, we just want to be on the water with or without the wet nosed pup) we had decided to anchor out for the evening in Llama Cove (39 19 40N 094 54 00W) and just having a great time.  As a point of information for the non-mariner types MV= motor vessel, SV=Sailing Vessel and GCV=Gender Confused Vessel (don’t ask).  The vessels in attendance included MVs Anejo’ & Milady, SVs Apogee, (the Bell of the Ball) Rhapsody, & Wind Horse and GCV Enchantress.  Aboard these vessels were Tom and Rhoda, Kevin and Melinda, Mike and Sherrie, Benjamin, Steve and yours truly.  It was to be a grand evening.

On Saturday and following the passage of a cold front on Friday mid-day the temperatures had dropped with a forecast of high temperatures in the mid 70s and the overnight low forecast in the mid 40s.  WOW was this really May 8th?  So anyway, I place Mini-D in tow and headed out for a sail with the ultimate goal of spending the day under sail and then rendezvousing with the others later in the afternoon.  The wind was to say the least finicky, but abundant.  I started out with the #2 jib and a single reef in the main.  While I was out sailing about, I noticed that the SV Wind Horse was standing out and several miles to leeward of me.  At this juncture I decided that an “Oklahoma Broadside” was in order.

At some point in the ensuing chase (unknown to Wind Horse), their first mate and I had a telephone conversation during which I explained what was about to happen!  She mocked me!  Wrong Answer!  As Wind Horse continued her southerly course I turned on an easterly heading bearing down upon the Marina.  I sailed in around the “reef” and back out into the lake.  At this point the wind had dropped and so I hoisted the full main (again with the intent of running down Wind Horse).  Well after some time I was gaining, but only slightly.  The wind had continued to drop so I dropped the #2 and hoisted the #1!  LOOKOUT WIND HORSE! Now it was a tacking duel!  The poor devils didn’t have a chance as a) their skipped was injured b) I am the better sailor and c) Rhapsody is the faster boat!  It took another 45 minutes or so but ALAS the Weather Gage was mine and Wind Horse was trapped between Rhapsody and a lee shore.  She refused to surrender and thus was her demise.  The “Oklahoma Broadside” was unleashed!  The devastation was horrific!

Later that afternoon the Good Ship Rhapsody and Wind Horse anchored in Llama Cove awaiting the remainder of the reveler’s arrival.  Slowly the other boats arrived and either anchored separately or rafted with us.  It was a grand evening with some overcast skies and then stars and then clouds.  And it was cool.  I have no clew when I made it to bed, but it really didn’t matter!  I was up early on Sunday, greeted all ladies with a hearty “Happy Mother’s Day”, called the Admiral and relayed the same greeting.

GCV Enchantress departed very early due to her concern for her decks and the possibility of rain.  The others hung until around 1000 before deciding to head on back.  At some juncture in the departure concern was voiced about Wind Horse’s ability to beat to weather for the five miles back to the marina.  Everyone agreed that they would monitor their progress to ensure a safe return.  Now one thing you should know is that I haven’t sailed a “centerboard” sloop in a very long time and was sure what to recommend but to say the least, Wind Horse was having one hell of a time getting out into the main body of the lake.  Without the “jet” assist they would not have made it back to the marina.  At any rate after some trying times she finally left everyone that had lingered behind “just in case” in her wake!

All in all everything ended on a happy note (even if there were some anxious times).  Back at the marina it was time to spruce up the boat (too damn cold to wash her though) and get ready to come on home and play with the poopers!  They sure were glad to see me.  Poor dogs!  Get over it!  Anyway we (I assume everyone did) had a great weekend with great friends!  All that remains is one final comment!  Let it go!!!!!  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera and I didn’t see anyone else doing the pic thing.  If they did I’ll add them when I get them.

Until next time, Fair Winds and Following Seas (or in my case Lakes).


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