If I Only Had Some Wind

Well it’s Memorial Weekend at the Lake and we have had a grand time.  Before getting into the details, let each and everyone one of us celebrate our freedom and remember the ones who bought it with their service, their blood and their lives!  God Bless America and her service members.

The weekend got off to a late start for the SV Rhapsody!  We were delayed by the grandson’s double-header on Friday night.  Lost them both Damn!  Oh well there will be other games.  Oh and on the subject of games, how fitting was it that the Cubs were hosting their arch rivals on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  Could it get any better?  Only with the Birds sweeping the lowly Cubs IN Chicago!  Well that didn’t happen, but WE did win the series and a bottle of rum due to the outcome!

Saturday afternoon found the assemblage of vessels rafting in Sallisaw Creek (35° 23.7’N 094° 51.8’W).  The raft included SV Rhapsody, and Angel and MV Anejo’ and Aubre’ Rose.  SV Wind Horse was swinging on her own hook.  Oh and if forgot the GC Enchantress (poor girl!) on her own hook.  It was a very pleasant evening with great company, great spirits (Tequila) and spectacular weather.  The next morning (Sunday) found the SV Wind Horse GONE!  Where?  We didn’t know and didn’t find out until later in the morning.  It appears that she sprung a leak!  When the Captain (Mike Lindsey) returned to his vessel, after some extended cocktails, and stepped into the cabin imagine his surprise when he stepped into ankle deep water!  Mike and Sherrie departed some where in the area of 0200 heading back to the marina for safety.

Well anyway, the boats began to drift away (back to the marina).  There appeared to be some wind on the main body of the lake so, SV Rhapsody was all set to sail.  Remembering past incidents, Rhapsody hung back waiting for Angel to weigh anchor.  Well it took some effort (there was probably 100,000 pounds of boats was hanging on Angel’s hook), in fact Kenn could not get the anchor up and ended up attaching a fender and left it in place!  Well the wind gods were not with us and the lake has been mostly flat all weekend.

It was Rhapsody’s intent to hang on the hook all weekend, but her Captain forgot to bring his cell phone charger and had to head back to marina to retrieve said charger.  After that she headed right back out to the old boat ramp on Sallisaw Creek (35° 23.2’N 094° 52.3’W) tending to chores aboard and waiting to see who might be returning for another evening on the hook.  While attending to the aforementioned chores, Rhapsody’s Captain was in continual contact with the St Louis Cardinals mobile web site (thus explaining the need for the phone charger) following the game, as it was the pivotal game in the three game series.  GO BIRDS!  Well somewhere in the vicinity of 1500 SV Angel returned to pick up her hook and to try and weigh the anchor.  Again no luck.  An hour or so later the MV Anejo’ arrived and the anchor rode was passed to Captain Tom, who in such a fit of rage over the demise of his beloved Cubs, hand over hand weighed the anchor!  Go Figure!  He took quite a ribbing over the whole affair.

After retrieving Angel’s anchor, Anejo’ set her own hook and then the raft began to grow, those vessels included Rhapsody, Angel, Anejo’, and Aubre Rose.  Steaks and wine were the order of the evening.  MMMMM good!  After dinner and as the wine (& some Tequila) was flowing we noticed another vessel approaching (it was now approaching dark).  To our surprise we were joined by the SV Double Eagle (a 30 catamaran) with Bill and Francis aboard.  This was their first night on the hook!

Being the prudent mariners that we are, and after seeing some “flashes” to our NW, somewhere around 2200ish Captain Tom checked the weather and sure enough it appeared that “some stuff” was rolling in from the NW.  Crap!  (The next morning we learned that this cell took out a marina about 100 miles north of us).  Okay we just got all rafted up and now we had to make a decision!  The obvious one was to break up the raft, which is what we did.  The next one was whether or not to head back in to the marina.  Well everyone headed back in except the good ship Rhapsody.  I set her hook and set tight as from the looks of things I could not beat the weather back to the marina.  Not one drop of rain nor weather!  I had a very pleasant night on the hook.

All in all it has been a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend on the water.  The only thing a sailor could ask for would be wind!  The temperature hovered just above 90° and clear skies until today!  And that was exactly what had been forecast!

Well at 1030 the coffee is all gone and I am trying to decide if I want a bologna sandwich or a breakfast burrito?  Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Epilogue:  Bologna it was!  Then back to the marina, putting the boat to bed and then watching a BIG snake eating a big catfish.  Alas are were no pics taken to  my knowledge, so that would be everyone else’s loss.

Finally, please remember the BIRDS RULE, and Cubs drool!

Until next time fair winds, following seas, and the Birds beat the Reds today……


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