Boats, Constellations, Friends & Mayflies

WOW!  Well I needed to do some work on the boat, to be specific, I wanted to mount a new RAM Mount to hold my solar panel.  This new mount would allow me to position the panel in any position needed to optimize its exposure to direct sunlight.  BTW I love my little solar panel.  For my purposes and boat use (mostly weekends aboard and short stays at anchor) this thing is great.  Both batteries fully charged every time I step aboard!  Anyway, that’s a different tale.  And then there is the Echo Charger!  But that too is another story!

So as I was saying I was visiting with fellow boaters and piddling with the new mount.  My intentions for the evening were somewhat vague, as the Admiral is out of town (South Padre Is. to be exact with the BBs) and the two dancing girls (AKA Doxie & Jessie the dawgs) ARE NOT fond of being left to their own devices, out of doors, and without at least one their humans present.  Anyway I was prepared to spend a night on the hook if I didn’t get riddled with guilt over those damn dancing girls.  Well after finishing the boat chores, I joined some friends aboard M/V Anejo’ for some hors d’oevours and a short cocktail hour, we decided to head on out for a swim in light of the heat.  Now it’s not Oklahoma’s “real” heat yet, but it is warm, so swimming was a grand swim.  Five crews, two boats (M/V Anejo’ and S/V Rhapsody) and a jet ski headed out for a cooling swim in Sallisaw Creek.  It was warm!  Anyway once Anejo’ set her hook, I join up and about that time J.R. and his son tied up to Anejo’s port side and I was to starb’d.  Of course Mike L was there on his jet ski as his starboard engine on Cat Ballou was ca put and as dysfunctional as he is, but he is a fun kinda guy!

It was hard to believe the water temperature at this time of year.  It felt so good and usually the water temperature was as warm as bath water, but not this day.  It felt great!  All present enjoyed a great swim, more hors d’oevours/dinner, cocktails and good friends!

The plan was to everyone except S/V Rhapsody to hang out a while and then head back to “port”.  I however would much rather swing from the hook than sit in the slip and listen to the stinkin carp suck on the bottom of the boat so I was staying put.  Well, anyway, time passed, humor flowed, and by this time we were join by Jeff and April Voyles aboard M/V True Companions which only added to the fun.  As the evening progressed Captain Tom decided that it was time for his crew and passengers to head on back in (around 2230ish) and True Companions followed him on out of the anchorage.  I moved a bit further west in hopes of avoiding the bass boaters at the freaking crack of dawn.

Once my hook was re-set, I took a dip in the very refreshing water, and then moved to Rhapsody’s bow to watch the stars.  What a night!  No moon and no clouds.  The heavens were crystal clear.  I love to look for satellites and spotted one just after laying on the bow.  However, that was the only one sighted that night.  I did however, look on in amazement, at the clarity of the heavens.  Corona Borealis, Bootes, Scorpio, the Big “Guy” and Cassiopeia!  By the way CT, Cassiopeia was just above the northeast horizon at 2400ish.  Such a large expanse of vastness!  Following the arc to Arcturus, the “pointer stars” of the Dipper and Cassiopeia to spot Polaris, the Gemini Twins.  Could it get any better than this?  I love hanging on the hook, sharing time aboard with good friends, and, at this time of year, avoiding the freakin carp!  They’ll drive you freakin crazy!  Just to give you an idea, if you were to take a ball-pen hammer and bang it on a pontoon boat, that’s exactly what it sounds like and it makes it very difficult to get a good night’s sleep, thus I ANCHOR when ever possible.

Oh I forgot!  The Mayflies?  Well its that time of year as well!  Time for a hatch and when they hatch, for those not familiar, they hatch by the hundreds of thousands!  They cover everything; boats, water, cars, trees you name it they cover it and then the “melting” carcasses make it almost impossible to take a swim without “ingesting” them, not to mention cleaning up the boats!  Rumors have it that they were plotting to attack and devour a particular pennant which has a reference to an unspeakable fur bearing animal on it, but I thing their plans are to covert for most to decifer!  Only time will tell!

Oh and I forgot part duex!  The Oklahoma Dolphin are back!  It truly is amazing to watch the American Paddlefish ( launch their bodies out of the water.  We’re talkin four and five feet of fish completely clearing the water.  I have no idea how much they would weigh but 50 to 75 pounds would not surprise me.  They truly are cool to watch and while I have seen greater numbers, the season is early yet and hopefully we’ll see plenty more of their specular displays!  The Admiral loves to watch them as well.  It’s just an inland water thing!

Well that pretty much sums up my Saturday night!  I hope your’s was as enjoyable as mine!

Fair Winds!


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  1. flights rhodes Says:

    ahhhhhh very good, bookmarked 🙂 keep it up, JusyKassy.

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