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Illinois River Float Trip (Sailboat Style) and Other Musings

July 27, 2010

Wow what a weekend!  Yes it was hot but when you are on (and in) the water everything seems mo betta!  I went to the boat on Friday afternoon just to prep and visit with no one in particular.  After ensuring that the boat was ready I had to return to the home HQ to ensure the “dancing girls” were okay and fed.  I don’t like leaving them for multiple days, as it appears they have taken a disliking for their food and water when we are absent.  Yes the Admiral is away as well visiting a friend in Santa Barbara, CA.  So I have “dancing girl” duty (too bad there are eight legs instead of four).

Anyway, Saturday dawned and in due time I was off to the boat for a weekend raft-up in Sallisaw Creek.  The afternoon started with great anticipation as several boats headed on out, among them Rhapsody.  Well anyway, when I arrived GC Enchantress (you remember:  the “Gender Confused” vessel) was already in Sallisaw Creek with guest aboard.  They were swimming and I didn’t want to invade on their privacy so I anchored off a bit.  Some short time later GC Enchantress decided to head on back to the marina.  She was worried about her deck getting wet (they are in the midst of a major re-fit to include re-doing the teak deck).  So we waved and exchanged “air horns” as she headed back in. (more…)


A Million to Four! Such Odds!

June 27, 2010

Long Have I looked with anticipation to the first Full Moon sail of the season.  The anticipation was only accentuated by the knowledge that I would be away from the Good Ship Rhapsody for the next three or four weeks.  The forecast was great with the first day of temperatures below 100˚ in several weeks.  The forecast high for the day was 89˚, but the temperature was slightly higher than that and there were thunderstorms throughout the area and the afternoon winds were very tempting, however the goal was a “Moonlight” sail, so patience was the word of the afternoon.

Somewhere around 1400 the good ship Rhapsody set out for an anchorage which would serve as the jump off point for the Moonlight sail.  It’s only a short trip to the old boat ramp in Sallisaw Creek and from that vantage point there are two very important advantages.  First, the bass boats have to slow down or be headed to that location and slow down, thus avoiding some jerk blowin by you at full tilt boogie.  Secondly, it’s a short hop back into the lake for the sail. (more…)

Boats, Constellations, Friends & Mayflies

June 13, 2010

WOW!  Well I needed to do some work on the boat, to be specific, I wanted to mount a new RAM Mount to hold my solar panel.  This new mount would allow me to position the panel in any position needed to optimize its exposure to direct sunlight.  BTW I love my little solar panel.  For my purposes and boat use (mostly weekends aboard and short stays at anchor) this thing is great.  Both batteries fully charged every time I step aboard!  Anyway, that’s a different tale.  And then there is the Echo Charger!  But that too is another story! (more…)

One of Those Rare Days (for June)

June 12, 2010

Well I have just finished one of those weeks from hell.  It ended Thursday night and man oh man was I glad.  So there I was sitting at the desk catching up on the latest news that’s important to me when I decided to check the weather forecast.  Just prior to checking it online, I took a stroll around the yard for a visual.  Wow it was mostly cloudy and the wind was piping up pretty good here at the house.  Back in the house the internet ( confirmed that indeed the wind was blowin stink with gust as high as 25 kts and forecast to do so for most of the day!  Furthermore, a cloud cover forecast of 75-80% was also predicted.  With temperatures hovering around 90°-92° cloud cover would be a good thing.  And most importantly (well maybe second to the wind forecast) there was only a slight chance of thunderstorms.  To the lake I said and not a moment to loose! (more…)

A Day on the Bay

June 5, 2010

Well it’s that time of year again, time for the CDSOA’s Gulf Fleet Annual Invitational Regatta.  When I first read the announcement, I was delighted to hear that it was scheduled for April 17 and was to be followed by a feast (of epic proportion) of mudbugs and all the trimmings!  I love dem bugs and was psyched!  Imagine the depths of despair to which I sank as the Admiral looked at the same announcement and proclaimed, “you dummy what are you thinking”!  We can’t go to Clear Lake on the 17th (for the life of me I can’t remember why at this juncture but we couldn’t)!  So with a heavy heart I notified the Fleet Captain (David Lark) that I would unable to attend!  I was totally bummed.  No sailing AND no mudbugs! (more…)

If I Only Had Some Wind

May 31, 2010

Well it’s Memorial Weekend at the Lake and we have had a grand time.  Before getting into the details, let each and everyone one of us celebrate our freedom and remember the ones who bought it with their service, their blood and their lives!  God Bless America and her service members. (more…)

The Weather Gage and other meaningful events of the weekend

May 9, 2010

Ahoy there maties, and a hearty ARGH to you.  Well this was another wonderful weekend afloat with the good ship Rhapsody.  I arrived at the marina somewhere around 2100 Friday night.  After stowing the weekend’s provisions I happened upon the MV Anejo’ for a visit with the long absent Captain Benjamin Faught of the S/V Apogee.  Benjamin has been away for several weeks and it was good to see him.  Also aboard that Cub Infested vessel were Captain Tom (Chicago) Schlegle and Ms Rhoda (recent past manager of Applegate Cove Marina)!  It was a joyful evening with great company. (more…)

The Ice Breaker Raft-up April 3, 2010

April 25, 2010

Well the season got underway this weekend with great zeal and enthusiasm following a long cold and difficult winter.  It was decided that there would be a “Gathering” of the hearty sailors and skippers in a wonderful little hole in the wall known locally as “Nancy’s Nook”.  The vessels in attendance included, M/V Anejo’, S/Vs Apogee, Enchantress, Wind Horse and Rhapsody.  The exact location was 35 19.5 N 094 51.9 W which is a great little hole with protection from all directions except NE. (more…)

This and That

February 28, 2010

Well it has been one long, cold and dreary winter here in Oklahoma.  The entire lake froze in early January and it seems as if we just cannot shake Old Man Winter’s death grip!  S/V Rhapsody has not set this still in many a year, however, we broke that spell Saturday!  Yes it was cold, but the skies were perfectly clear, so all the intrepid sailor had to do was wait for the warmest part of the afternoon and viola wind wave and boat did the rest.  The wind was just north of west and blowing about 15 maybe 18 knots and cold even though the temperature by this time was a balmy 52°.  Anyway only two brave souls ventured forth into the teeth of the chill.  Friends in their MacGregor 23 ventured forth bundled up in their Carharts and wool caps. (more…)

The Maiden Voyage of Mini-D

January 18, 2010

Well it has been some time in the making, but finally the time, and a weather window, had arrived for the maiden voyage of the new to us 7.5’ sailing dinghy Mini-D.  It is one cute little bugger and I was very anxious to see how she handled.  Three very noteworthy comments to consider:

  1. a 7.5’ sailboat is very very small.
  2. I am so glad no one had a video camera!  Stills are no where near as revelling.
  3. I am way to fat to be sitting in such a small sailboat (gotta work on that one). (more…)