The Ice Breaker Raft-up April 3, 2010

April 25, 2010

Well the season got underway this weekend with great zeal and enthusiasm following a long cold and difficult winter.  It was decided that there would be a “Gathering” of the hearty sailors and skippers in a wonderful little hole in the wall known locally as “Nancy’s Nook”.  The vessels in attendance included, M/V Anejo’, S/Vs Apogee, Enchantress, Wind Horse and Rhapsody.  The exact location was 35 19.5 N 094 51.9 W which is a great little hole with protection from all directions except NE. Read the rest of this entry »


This and That

February 28, 2010

Well it has been one long, cold and dreary winter here in Oklahoma.  The entire lake froze in early January and it seems as if we just cannot shake Old Man Winter’s death grip!  S/V Rhapsody has not set this still in many a year, however, we broke that spell Saturday!  Yes it was cold, but the skies were perfectly clear, so all the intrepid sailor had to do was wait for the warmest part of the afternoon and viola wind wave and boat did the rest.  The wind was just north of west and blowing about 15 maybe 18 knots and cold even though the temperature by this time was a balmy 52°.  Anyway only two brave souls ventured forth into the teeth of the chill.  Friends in their MacGregor 23 ventured forth bundled up in their Carharts and wool caps. Read the rest of this entry »

The Maiden Voyage of Mini-D

January 18, 2010

Well it has been some time in the making, but finally the time, and a weather window, had arrived for the maiden voyage of the new to us 7.5’ sailing dinghy Mini-D.  It is one cute little bugger and I was very anxious to see how she handled.  Three very noteworthy comments to consider:

  1. a 7.5’ sailboat is very very small.
  2. I am so glad no one had a video camera!  Stills are no where near as revelling.
  3. I am way to fat to be sitting in such a small sailboat (gotta work on that one). Read the rest of this entry »

Nature’s Wind Chime

January 18, 2010

Well it’s January 16, 2010, and I find myself at the boat with the cove still partially frozen and truly some kind of Pacific Northwest weather thing going on, not really cold (temps in the 50s and foggy/drizzly type stuff) and yet so beautiful.  I visited with my friend Steve aboard Enchantress for a bit, and then back to the boat to put stuff away for the night.  Following that I strolled up to Mz Rhoda’s to pick up some E-pics for the website (, then back to the boat to upload them to the hard drive.  Somewhere in that process Steve dropped by for a chat and by that time it was time for dinner and Steve returned to Enchantress for his steak and potato and I settled in for some good ole left over Corn and Cheddar Cheese Chowder!  YumYumYum! Read the rest of this entry »

Off Topic, yet important non-the-less!

January 7, 2010

WOW!  Recently I was having a conversation with a friend concerning our military retirement.  Well low and behold that evening when I checked the mail, there it was?  Yea, the Department of Defense sent me my application for retired pay!  Although this is just step ONE, I am pumped!  Obviously, it is not a good thing to “wish time away”, but I have now began the process of preparing for retirement. Have I mentioned I am pumped? Read the rest of this entry »

S/V Rhapsody at Decade’s End

December 31, 2009

WOW another decade under the belt and to think I didn’t even realize this was the case until very recently!  And what a tumultuous decade it has been with the planet seeing changes none of us could have imagined at the turn of Y2K!

Well it’s been a bit since this blog has had any additions.  That is not to say that Rhapsody and crew have been resting on our laurels.  Fall in Oklahoma is a wonderful time to be on the water and there were several raft-ups and individual outings.  Unless you have had the pleasure of moving from spot to spot, dropping the hook, and enjoying a pleasant evening/night/morning on the water you need to add that to your bucket list.

One of the more memorable outings was a follow up overnighter for a Space Shuttle/ISS watch party.  Although it was less attended, those in attendance had an enjoyable evening with clear skies and a wonderful view as they flew overhead.  Alas, the timing was less than optimal for swimming, in fact, one needed to reach for the sleeping bag before the evening was over, but none-the-less it was a grand time with Rhapsody, Apogee, and Anejo′ and their associated crews.  On another evening, the able ship Rhapsody returned to another favorite anchorage and enjoyed a chilly but very comfortable evening on the hook.  That last overnight outing was towards the end of October and since that time, time has been scarce what with the holidays approaching.

And now as 2010 fast approaches, I was aboard last evening in one of the few weather windows we have had recently.  The last few weeks have been a blur.  The first weekend in November found Rhapsody’s Captain in Havre de Grace, MD for the 2009 Cape Dory Sailboat Owner’s Annual Meeting (, and then came Thanksgiving, and then on the weekend before Christmas, Rhapsody’s crew had an extended weekend in New York City (a surprise Christmas present for the Admiral), then home for two days, then to Fort Worth for Christmas with the Texas Family, then home for Christmas with the Oologahans (my son, his wife and the three grandkids), Kim, Alisa and Will!  We had a great time.  Then Sunday afternoon, the Admiral headed back south to Fort Worth to spend the week with her mother and father.  She just returned today (12-31) and we are trying to decide what, if anything, we are going to do tonight in the way of celebrating the new decade (is that correct, a new decade starts tomorrow OR is it next year?).  I have fire works and a sailing friend of mine from Georgia has suggested that in light of the fact that it is a blue moon tonight, we should all dance around naked in the moonlight (as another blue moon on New Years Eve will not happen for another 19 years).  I am giving fair warning!  “Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid”!  However, I must be very very careful with the fireworks!!!!!

And to top off the New Year (and decade), Rhapsody’s new tender, Mini D, arrives from the east coast sometime Sunday afternoon.  She is so cute and has her own sail and is also a Cape Dory (hence Mini D)!  Anyone want to buy a good little dinghy, I may sell her?  I can hardly wait to sail her around the Marina ( for the inquiring mind) and the anchorages.  Also, I can’t wait to see the grandchildren sail her either!

Well that is about the size of it all in the eastern reaches of Oklahoma.  We hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season and we wish each and everyone the happiest of New Years.

Fair Winds, Following Seas from the Deck of S/V Rhapsody.

Truer Words were never published!

December 31, 2009

After all, the mishaps are almost the best part of small-boat sailing. Looking back, they prove to be punctuations of joy. At the time they try your mettle and your vocabulary, and may make you so pessimistic as to believe that God has a grudge against you — but afterward, ah, afterward, with what pleasure you remember them and with what gusto do you relate them to your brother skippers in the fellowhood of small-boat sailing!  (Written by Jack London:  Published in Yachting Monthly 1912.) Read the rest of this entry »

The Great Labor Day Raft Up Addendum:

September 21, 2009

During the course of our wonderful weekend afloat, one particular incident occurred which has resulted in high crimes and misdemeanors on federally controlled navigable waters, resulting in a Courts Martial for High Crimes, Misdemeanors, Dereliction of Duties, Failure to Obey a Lawful “Order” and Conduct Unbecoming a River Rat. To wit: one each Splash Bob Quackenbush, aka Umberto, aka Brilliant Bob, and aka Round Bob, did willingly and with malice of fore thought, fail to fulfill an order place at approximately 0930 hour on Sunday September 6, 2009. Said order being: eggs cooked to order con bacon, hash browns and toast for a party of nine delivered to the Raft Up in Sallisaw Creek at his earliest possible convenience. Thus having the resources at his command (i.e. grill, pontoon boat for transport, victuals in adequate supply) one each Splash Bob Quackenbush, aka Umberto, aka Brilliant Bob, and aka Round Bob did fail to comply. Read the rest of this entry »

The Great Labor Day Weekend Raft-Up

September 12, 2009

Well the Labor Day Weekend is over and thus draws to an end of another season on the water.  And what a bizarre season it was weather wise.  It has been a long age since an Oklahoma summer passed with such mildness.  Daytime highs in the low 80s and overnight lows in the 60s even on Labor Day Weekend!  WOW!   Now don’t fret because we did have our hot weather with temperatures over the century mark, but they were the exception not so much the norm (as one would expect). Read the rest of this entry »

A Hot and Dry July (Kinda)

July 27, 2009

Well as we approach the end of July it can truly be said that the weather has been somewhat odd.  Upon our return for the Bay (late June), we felt as if we had descended into hell.  It was one hot muther in Oklahoma, and to boot it stayed that way with a couple of notable exceptions.  While we have had little if any significant rain fall during this time, the weather has proven to be somewhat of a roller coaster ride, hot one week and extremely pleasant the next.  On each of these down turns in the temperature we (Rhapsody and I) were able to swing on the hook and wake up to 62° and searching for covers, WOW in July do doubt.  We have been very blessed in that way this month. Read the rest of this entry »